"Hole" Suar Console


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Console made from a Suar Trunk


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The tree of Suar, also known as Albizia Saman or Monkeypod, is a large tree reaching a height of 25m. Characterized by its "umbrella" like appearance, the tree creates, in a natural way, a fresh and intense shade under its thick, leafy branches.

Due to its interwoven veins, Suar wood is resistant to natural wood movement and is highly appreciated for its robustness and stability. Moderately heavy but extremely strong, Suar wood is resistant to wear and insects. These characteristics make Suar wood highly used in the manufacture of unique and distinctive furniture compared to other woods.

The Suar wood is the most appropriate choice for unique table tops and also for its elegance and beauty it becomes suitable in the creation of refined and luxury pieces for any work or leisure space.

Width (cm) : 95
Height (cm) : 75
Depth (cm) : 35
Weight (kg) : 70
Wood type : Suar
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