Do you have a physical store where we can see the articles?

No, our store is only Online.

Where do you send the articles?

At the moment, the site is scheduled to calculate shipments to Portugal(Continental) and Spain. In extraordinary situations, the customer should contact Papiro Wood.

Do you have or send paper catalogs?

No, the only catalog we have available is found at www.papirowood.com

Do the prices already have VAT?

No, all prices shown doesn't have VAT at the legal rate.

What are the forms of payment?

At the moment we accept Wire Transfer and Paypal.

How do i order?

First you must register in our site and after registration you must login. Then just add the desired articles to the shopping cart and choose the payment method.

After completing the order, the Order Note will be sent by email with all the information about your order and the payment method chosen.

Do you change the dimensions of the articles on your site?

Our articles are the result of something created by Nature itself, so that in most cases the products cannot be modified. It is possible to choose the most suitable items from the available articles.

How are deliveries processed?

The articles are transported by one of our logistics partners to your home. Our logistics partners receive instructions from Papiro Wood to get in touch with you before delivery of the goods to match the day and time of delivery that is most suitable for you. Therefore, it is important that you provide us with a valid phone number when ordering and / or registering on our website.

When the order is shipped from our warehouse and delivered to our logistics partner you will receive an email with this information.

If i want to make a specific purchase type, can i get in touch with you?

Dear customer, we are pleased to receive your contact and help clarify your doubts.

Can i choose a delivery address other than the invoice?

Yes, you can choose a different delivery address than the billing address. In the purchase process, one page first appears for the invoice data and then one for the shipping data.

Is it safe to buy on the site?

Yes, Papiro Wood processes payments through a partner who specializes in electronic payments. Papiro Wood does not currently have access to your payment information, but rather to a simple payment confirmation. Papiro Wood is SSL certified to secure e-commerce sites as you can check in the address bar "HTTPS: //"

Can i pay for the charge?

Papirowood.com is ready for online purchases and payments. In exceptional cases, you should contact us and we will certainly try to match something that meets your expectations.

Is it possible to cancel an order?

Yes, if the order has not yet entered the packaging and shipping process. In this case you should contact the Customer Service: +351 961 440 891.

What happens if any of my order arrives damaged?

We will replace it as soon as possible and at no cost to you. To solve this issue use the Customer Service: +351 961 440 891. No forms or bureaucracies!

What should i do if i receive an item different from the one i ordered?

We will exchange it for the correct article as soon as possible and at no cost to you. To solve this issue use the Customer Service: +351 961 440 891. No forms or bureaucracies!

Can i return a product if i regret purchase?

Our articles are duly accompanied with their photos and respective data sheet. In articles of special value, we can also book with the customer a visit to the premises where the article is stored. Our effort is guided in order to help the customer at the time of purchase decision. Given the sensitivity and unique nature of the parts, their nature and specificity, we believe that this type of articles do not deserve to risk potential damages in their packaging and / or transportation. Therefore, unless the item is damaged or replaced by a different one than the original order, it is not possible to make any return after receipt of the order.

How can i correct data or ask questions on my order?

For questions, modifications and follow-up of your order, you can contact us by e-mail comercial@papirowood.com or by phone to the number +351 961 440 891.

How do i know if they have received my order?

After choosing your articles and entering your mandatory personal information and clicking “Buy”, you will immediately receive an email confirming the correct receipt of your order.

What is the Privacy and Security Policy of the Papiro Wood online store?

It has all the information in Privacy and Security.

Do i have to register to buy?

Yes, you need to register. When you are already registered, you can buy and modify your personal data whenever you need it.

What do i do if i forget my password?

If you forget your password, Papiro Wood's online site has mechanisms that help you recover a lost password. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service: +351 961 440 891 by e-mail comercial@papirowood.com

How can i find a particular article?

You can use the search engine on the right side to find the article you want or browse the various categories available.

How do i add an item to the cart?

After choosing the item you must click the "Buy" button so that the article becomes part of your order.

How do you buy it?

Browse the categories or use the search to add products to the cart and then click "Buy". Make sure the list of products in your cart is correct and click "make payment". Confirm delivery and billing addresses and choose the desired payment method. Print and save the order confirmation page.

What are the deadlines for delivery of the purchased items?

We will make every effort to deliver within 10 days after receipt of payment.

What is the cost of transportation?

To find out the shipping cost of your order add the desired product to the shopping cart and indicate the country and postal code of the place of delivery. The simulator will indicate the cost of transportation.

What are the customer service contacts?

The Customer Service is available from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., every day via the number +351 961 440 891 or email: comercial@papirowood.com

Can i buy on credit?

We do not provide this form of payment. If you wish you should do so through your bank. Operation subject to approval by such credit institution.

Can i pick up the order at the Papiro Wood plant?

Papiro Wood is an online store that does not have a physical location to deliver orders to customers. The order can be delivered by the transport company in the place you wish: Home, Work, etc.

What happens if you are not at the time of order delivery?

You will be informed of the expected delivery date of your order. You should indicate a delivery address where someone is always present between 9am and 6pm, such as at work. If delivery is not completed, you will be informed of the date and time the carrier was present as well as a contact number for re-scheduling.

Can i check the status of the merchandise at the time of delivery?

We recommend that all orders delivered must be checked and that the customer makes any notes about the condition of the product on the carrier's transport guide in case of partial or total deterioration.Without the proper annotations of the customer the order can not be the object of further contestation with Papiro Wood.The verification of the state of the product is considered as done once the signed shipping guide.If the product is damaged, we thank you to photograph it and send us the photograph to the email comercial@papirowood.com within a maximum of 24 hours so we can activate the transport insurance.

Do I get a purchase invoice?

At the time of delivery of the order you receive the respective Delivery Note. The electronic invoice will be sent to your email.

What happens if I receive the product in poor condition?

Papiro Wood is responsible for any damaged articles. In this case you should contact the Customer Service (available from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.) via the number +351 961 440 891 or email: comercial@papirowood.com .

Thank you for the visit and good shopping!

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