"OLD TEAK I" Coffee Table

From a block of old teak, a simple and elegant Coffee Table come through showing the rudeness of nature


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Teak wood has always been a "premium" material. The Teak tree, Tectona Grandis, is native to the tropics.

Since the seventh century, it was used to dress and adorn the homes of the rich and powerful.
It was through the Dutch who colonized Indonesia that Teak wood became known primarily for its use in shipbuilding.

The most exclusive Teak furniture comes from mature trees so it can take about 80 years for a tree to be harvested, which is why Teak is often recovered, for example, from old structures, thus acquiring a new life as a piece of furniture.

Width (cm) : 100
Height (cm) : 40
Depth (cm) : 80
Weight (kg) : 70
Wood type : Teak
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